White Kissing Fish Ceramic Openwork Sculpture

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The alluring beauty of this large intertwined fish sculptured representing ancient symbolism, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship by Italian artist Innocenti. The distinctive characteristics of openwork ceramics creates a sophisticated sleek silhouettes that is both impressive and decorative. This sculptures also feature a dual function and can be used as a lamp that casts a stunning light display rippling from the fish scale openings.

Bespoke commission available in preferred colour and size.


Dimensions: L28cm x W16cm x H40cm
Design: Openwork
Composition: Glazed Ceramics
Provenance: Limited Edition Handcrafted in Italy

The Bespoke Process


Embark on a journey and discover the perfect sculpture for your interior space. We are on hand to guide you through the whole process of choosing a design and size to glaze colour schemes for the potential work of art.


Once a design is established and translated to the artist, the creative process can start. With the project under way we will endeavour to send regular updates and photos of progress from the artists studio.


It is our priority to ensure a seamless coordinated completion of your finished artwork whilst giving clear and regular updates. All practicalities are taken into account for a smooth delivery.